LaRose Welcomes Support for New Voting Machine Funding

Today, Senator Frank LaRose welcomed support for his proposal to modernize the state’s election system.

“I was thrilled hear Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s comments today about the need to modernize our voting machines. It is exciting to see other elected officials coming forward to recognize the need to modernize this outdated equipment,” Sen LaRose said. “Now we need to work together, in a bipartisan way, to ensure that the infrastructure of our democracy is properly maintained.”

Earlier this year, Senator LaRose introduced SB 135 which would commit much needed funding for Ohio’s 88 county Boards of Elections to purchase new voting equipment by the 2019 election.

As a part of his ongoing effort to secure funding for this crucial purpose Senator LaRose is leading an interested party meeting at the Statehouse tomorrow. This is only the most recent of several conversations LaRose had convened as he works to bring various state and local leaders together around this important priority. Tomorrow’s meeting was scheduled weeks ago.

LaRose is a two-term Ohio Senator from Summit County. He has championed several bills aimed at modernizing elections processes, protecting the integrity of the ballot box, reducing cost and eliminating bureaucracy so small businesses can thrive in Ohio.

LaRose introduced SB 135 on April 20th. It was referred to Senate Finance Committee.