LaRose continues Practice of Shadowing Elections Officials – Learning directly from those who run our elections


COLUMBUS – Yesterday, Senator Frank LaRose joined Darke County Board of Elections Director Luke Burton, and the four board of elections members, in observing the different practices used by Darke County in their efforts to keep our elections accurate and secure. LaRose saw first hand how electronic poll books, among other new innovations, continue to revolutionize the voting experience.

This visit marks the third time LaRose has spent Election Day at a county board of elections. in 2016 he visited with the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections officials during the General Election and the Licking County Board of Elections officials for the 2017 Primary Election. LaRose now, has had the unique experience of seeing how board of elections run in urban, suburban and rural parts of the state.

“Every day our county elections officials work tirelessly to ensure Ohio’s elections are conducted with integrity in a thorough and timely manner.” said LaRose, “Being able to see the elections process through the lens of these dedicated public servants in invaluable. It allows me to discuss many important legislative initiatives we have championed, like electronic polls books, as well as what we in the legislature can do to continue to streamline and improve our elections process.”

In 2015 LaRose placed an amendment in the state operating budget which helped fund electronic poll books used in yesterday’s election all over Ohio.

One key issue addressed in yesterday’s visit was that of Ohio’s aging voting equipment. It has been over a decade since new machines were purchased using a federal program called HAVA, a one time funding initiative that is no longer available to states.

LaRose and Burton discussed the variety of different ways that Board of Elections across the state are dealing with these increasingly difficult to maintain voting machines. The machines, that have a projected life of 10-12 years, have begun to develop mechanical issues. In some instances, elections officials are even using paper clips, and other creative homemade solutions to keep the machines operable.

Earlier this year, Senator LaRose reintroduced Senate Bill 135 which would provide desperately needed funding for new voting equipment across the state as a cooperative state and local project.

Throughout his tenure in the Senate, the integrity of Ohio’s elections has remained the top priority of LaRose. His dedication will continue as he is uniquely qualified to serve as Ohio’s next Secretary of State.

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