Another Milestone: LaRose has met all 88 County GOP Chairs

Today, we have hit another milestone. Frank has now met with every Republican county chairman in Ohio. This achievement is a reflection of Frank’s commitment to advancing the ideals and vision he believes are needed in the next Secretary of State.

As a first time statewide candidate, Frank believes it’s important to meet the men and women who know what it takes to win elections year after year in Ohio. That’s why he has spent much of the year crisscrossing our state listening to and learning from our county chairs and local political leaders.

The importance of our county chairs cannot be understated. They are the backbone of our grassroots campaign, and will be vital in the coming year to ensuring that we keep a conservative Republican in office as Ohio’s Secretary of State.

We must continue to keep our foot on the gas and keep working hard to ensure that we do not fall behind to the Democrats.

Be sure to catch Frank and Team LaRose as we continue to travel across Ohio!